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RAMCHECK LX Optional Test Adapters

This document lists all the optional computer memory test adapters for the RAMCHECK and RAMCHECK LX product lines.

RAMCHECK 240-Pin DDR3 Adapter

It supports testing of 240-pin PC3-6400, PC3-8500 and PC3-10600 DDR3 memory, including LR-DIMM, unbuffered (UDIMM) and registered modules (RDIMM), both ECC and non-ECC, that comply with JEDEC standards. This adapter works with all RAMCHECK LX testers.


NewThis adapter features a rugged 204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM test socket. It plugs directly into the RAMCHECK or RAMCHECK LX base tester.

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RAMCHECK DDR3 204-Pin S.O. DIMM Converter

This inexpensive converter solution allows you to test 204-pin DDR3 laptop SO-DIMM modules. Requires DDR3 240-pin DIMM adapter.

RAMCHECK 240-Pin DDR2 Adapter

The RAMCHECK DDR2 adapter supports testing of 240-pin PC2-6400, PC2-3200, PC2-4300 and PC2-5300 DDR2 memory, including unbuffered and registered modules. This adapter works with all RAMCHECK LX testers, and is included with the RAMCHECK LX DDR2 and RAMCHECK LX DDR2+1 packages.


Our latest adapter for the RAMCHECK memory tester. The RAMCHECK DDR2 SODIMM Adapter supports testing of 240-pin PC2-6400, PC2-3200, PC2-4300 and PC2-5300 DDR2 SODIMM modules, including unbuffered and registered modules. This adapter works with all RAMCHECK testers.

RAMCHECK DDR2 200-Pin S.O. DIMM Converter

This converter provides a low-cost solution for testing 200-pin DDR2 SODIMM modules. Once the SODIMM module is inserted into the converter, it is plugged into the DDR2 adapter as a regular 240-pin module.

DDR2 244-Pin Mini DIMM Converter

Provides a great solution for testing mini DIMM modules found in some mobile computers, small form factor PCs and small form factor servers.


RAMCHECK DDR Pro tests PC466/433/400/333/266/200 184-pin DDR DIMM modules, including Registered and Unbuffered. This adapter is included with the RAMCHECK LX DDR1 and RAMCHECK LX DDR2+1 packages, or can be added to all separately purchased RAMCHECK units.

RAMCHECK DDR1 200-pin S.O. DIMM Converter

This low-cost solution allows you to test modern 200-pin DDR1 S.O. DIMM laptop modules using the RAMCHECK DDR Pro adapter. Once the S.O. DIMM module is inserted into this converter, it is plugged into the DDR adapter as a regular 184-pin module for testing.

RAMCHECK 66-pin DDR Chip Converter

A perfect tool for testing 66-pin DDR chips used in today's memory modules, including 1Gb (128Mx8, 256Mx4), 512Mb (32Mx16, 64Mx8) and smaller (4Mx16, 32Mx8, 8Mx8, 64Mx4, 16Mx4 and 32Mx4) DDR chips. Easily plugs into the 184-pin RAMCHECK DDR Pro adapter.

100-pin DDR SODIMM Adapter

This brand-new adapter provides a fast, low-cost way to test 100-pin DDR SODIMM modules found in today's laser printers.

DIMMCHECK 168 Adapter

The DIMMCHECK 168 Adapter supports testing of 168-pin SDRAM/EDO/FPM modules on the RAMCHECK LX tester. This adapter provides a good option for testing modules found in legacy machines circa 1998-2000.

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RAMCHECK 144 Adapter

The RAMCHECK 144 Adapter supports 144-pin SDRAM/EDO/FPM SODIMM modules with configurations of 64 & 72 bits. With this adapter, RAMCHECK is a powerful, affordable SODIMM tester for laptop computer memory.

RAMCHECK 200-Pin DIMM Adapter

The RAMCHECK 200-pin DIMM Adapter offers an affordable way to test computer memory modules with a basic configuration of 144 bits used in the Sun Sparc Stations and other Sun Microsystem computers.


The RAMCHECK Sync Chip Adapter supports popular TSOP chips in sizes of 32Mx16, 16Mx16, 4Mx16, 32Mx8, 8Mx8, 64Mx4, 16Mx4 and more.


The RAMCHECK SIMM Adapter is for testing older 72-pin SIMM modules. It can also come with an optional test socket for 30-pin SIMMs. The RAMCHECK SIMM Adapter makes RAMCHECK the most cost-effective, expandable SIMM tester.


The RAMCHECK 72 Pro Adapter tests legacy 72-pin SO DIMM modules found in older laptop computers.

RAMCHECK 100 Adapter

The RAMCHECK DIMMCHECK 100 Adapter supports popular 100-pin SO-DIMMs typically used in laser printers and routers. This adapter utilizes RAMCHECK's powerful test engine to provide true high-speed testing for PC133/PC100 modules.


The RAMCHECK SOJ EDO/FPM Adapter is a universal tool for testing popular size EDO/FPM SOJ DRAM chips.

50-pin TSOP Chip Adapter

The RAMCHECK 50-pin TSOP Chip Adapter is a solution for testing older legacy EDO TSOP chips. It is also a useful starting platform if you're building an adapter for testing other legacy memory devices

Direct Printer Interface

This optional interface allows you to print directly from RAMCHECK to your printer. Since RAMCHECK comes with a software package that allows you to print and log test results via your PC, this adapter is needed only if you do not have a PC near your tester.

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Optional adapters
240-pin DDR3 DIMM
204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM adapter
204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM converter
240-pin DDR2 DIMM
200-pin DDR2 SO-DIMM adapter
200-pin DDR2 SO-DIMM converter
184-pin DDR Pro
200-pin DDR SO-DIMM converter
100-pin DDR SODIMM
66-pin DDR Chip
168-pin SDRAM
200-pin Sun DIMM
50-pin EDO TSOP
72-pin SODIMM
30/72-pin SIMM