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How to Use Our Online Technical Support

Our on-line tech support page includes several resources that should provide you with the information you need. We are striving to keep the information updated, and appreciate your comments.

Software Downloads
Online Manuals
Application Notes
Calibration & Upgrades
Development Logs
Service & RMA Policy

Use the Download section to update your firmware (BIOS) and PC Interface software. Although some versions may have the same revision number, be sure to also check the revision date for current programs.

The On-line Manual section allows you to download sections of the RAMCHECK LX and RAMCHECK manuals (in PDF format). This will allow you to keep your manual updated with any changes that have occurred with each new printing. It also includes various manual addendums to describe new features that occur between print sessions. Please note that the RAMCHECK line has evolved over the past 25 years along the industry transition from legacy DRAM to SDRAM to DDR3/2/1. Our modular design allows for many test configurations based on the devices you wish to test.  As we made an effort to keep support for legacy DRAM and SDRAM (with the relevant test head), our manuals still include numerous references and descriptions of old features (e.g. timeout refresh, Trah, etc). Please check the product specification to determine which features are supported in each test configuration that you use.

The Applications Notes provide detailed descriptions of various technical issues associated with your memory tester, as well as the adapters available for the tester. These include further explanations of displayed test information, as well as new features that are employed when new module types are supported. Such topics include information on PC100 and PC133 compliance and how your test system will respond when such devices are tested. Further instruction is given regarding certain advanced features that accompany new adapters, and some additional background information is given on the architecture of the modules that your tester supports. A product specification page can also be accessed from this section.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) includes responses to actual questions that are received by our tech support department. It is divided into various topics, listed at the beginning. Many answers provide pointers to additional resources within our site to provide you with the needed information. Before calling tech support, we suggest taking some time to review this section, as your questions may have already been addressed.

Our products are constantly being improved to support the latest in memory technologies. To assist you in keeping your product up to date, we have provided a Calibration and Hardware Upgrade section that provides you with current information about the equipment as it leaves our production line. This will help you determine whether or not its time to send your test system in for an upgrade. We recommend that you check this section periodically, and we also suggest regular factory calibrations, as this will keep your system at current specification levels and prevent it from being obsolete.

Another section in our web site provides you with information on the process by which you may convert your older RAMCHECK tester to the RAMCHECK LX level. This document discusses the advantages of performing the upgrade and also provides a pointer to our RAMCHECK to RAMCHECK LX form, so that we may contact you regarding your upgrade.

The Development Log chronicles the development of the RAMCHECK LX, RAMCHECK and SIMCHECK II PLUS firmware. This is the resource where information is first available regarding any new development that has just been added. An explanation detailing the change in the software revision and date is given, as well as what new features set it apart from the previous program. Please review this section after downloading a new firmware file.

Our RMA Policy provides detailed information on how to send products to our repair department for calibration, upgrade, or warranty/non-warranty repairs. This section includes instructions regarding the acquisition of a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and the appropriate conditions under which a package may be sent to us. If your equipment needs service, please review this section, and afterwards contact our Tech Support Department for further information.

Contacting Our Technical Support Department

This page and other contents of our web site provide many answers to your technical support questions. For more information, please call us at (281) 879-6226 M-F 9:00-5:00 US Central Time, or send your E-mail to, or fax your message to (281) 879-6415. Please remember to include your phone and e-mail address.