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Original SIMCHECK Memory Tester

The SIMCHECK/SIMCHECK PLUS product line was the second generation of memory testers from INNOVENTIONS, the company that developed the world's first portable DRAM tester in 1987. SIMCHECK has become the world's most popular and versatile memory tester since 1990. Over the years it has been used by major companies such as IBM, AT&T, NCR, and Sun Microsystems, as well as by thousands of small companies that demand the best value for their money.

Manufacturing of the original SIMCHECK memory tester ended in December 1997, and it is now obsolete. If you currently own a SIMCHECK tester, please note that we offer a substantial trade-in value towards the purchase of our RAMCHECK or RAMCHECK Plus tester. Please contact us for details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SIMCHECK PLUS supports most standard EDO/FPM DRAM memory devices, however, it cannot support our later Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) adapters. Customers who wish to test SDRAM technology should use our RAMCHECK or SIMCHECK II LT Plus units.


SIMCHECK PLUS memory tester

SIMCHECK PLUS tests and identifies 72-pin and 30-pin SIMM modules in sizes up to 32Mx36 and 16Mx9. It is versatile and extremely easy to use, with sophistication and capabilities comparable to much more expensive testers.

The unit supports all EDO and Fast Page mode 72-pin SIMMs, including modules which use parity-bit-emulation logic chips instead of true memory parity bits. Many optional adapters are available to test DIMM modules, DRAM cards and other types of standard DRAM memory devices. However, please note that the SIMCHECK PLUS cannot support Synchronous DRAM devices. If you plan to test SDRAM, please refer to our RAMCHECK or SIMCHECK II product line.

SIMCHECK PLUS automatically detects the configuration of the tested module. No need for any special setting - just insert the module and press F1 to test! Test results include explicit size, structure, type, and speed information. The SIMCHECK PLUS 40-BIT PORT performs parallel write/read operation to all 40 bits simultaneously. Every cell of the entire memory array is actually checked several times during the test. The unit comes with a high quality, user replaceable, gold plated ZIF socket, for easy module handling. It is further equipped with a 90-pin expansion socket which accepts adapters for testing DRAM memory cards, DIMM modules, and other application specific memory devices. More information on SIMCHECK can be found in the SIMCHECK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file.


SIMCHECK PLUS is no longer in active production. For a limited time, we are clearing our inventory at an extremely low prices. Please call for quote if you can still use this product. Closeout sales are non-returnable, but including our standard one-year limited warranty!


SIMCHECK picture

SIMCHECK is our original tester for standard 30-pin SIMM and SIP memory modules with 64Kx8 and x9, 256Kx8/x9, 1Mx8/x9, 2Mx8, 4Mx8/x9, and 16Mx8/x9. It has been upgraded by the 40-BIT PORT unit to create the SIMCHECK PLUS package in 1995. Optional adapters extend SIMCHECK's testing capacity to include other modules, individual DRAM chips, and various SRAM devices. Special accessories provide unique solutions, such as a SIMM Handler which automatically feeds modules for unattended operation. Please review the table of adapters used by the various SIMCHECK memory testers.

SIMCHECK's modular design assures that you pay only for the features you need. The adapters simply snap into the SIP socket or the expansion socket of SIMCHECK. There is no need for special switch settings: SIMCHECK automatically recognizes the adapters and the memory they test.

SIMCHECK is easy to use: place a module (or a chip) in the socket, press the F1 button and read the results on the display. Or, follow the clear menu display to set your own test procedure. Most operator errors are tolerated, and incorrectly inserted chips not damaged.

Based on a high-speed 16 bit processor (V20) and using our proprietary algorithms, SIMCHECK runs a thorough test on the memory module, testing every memory cell. It automatically measures and displays the module size, type, and Access Time (speed). In the SINGLE BIT mode, it provides individual speed ratings and other related information for each bit. Our proprietary Chip-Heat mode automatically warms the chips for temperature related speed measurement. Automatic Voltage Cycling and Voltage Bounce tests verify the module performance under varying voltage conditions.

Our standard FULL BYTE algorithms automatically test all chips (bits) simultaneously. This yields a faster test and enables the instrument to detect errors that are caused by interference among the chips on the module. SIMCHECK is not merely a go/no-go tester, in fact, it explicitly identifies the faulty bits within a defective module, and provides other important repair related information. It also supports and identifies EDO memory devices.

One of our major design goals was to create a STAND ALONE product which could be easily upgraded and expanded. SIMCHECK's test programs can be upgraded by replacing the socketed EPROM. The optional PC Communication Package connects SIMCHECK to your PC for advanced data logging. SIMCHECK, our second generation of portable memory testers, is extremely user-friendly. Its LCD display shows clear instructions and test results on two lines of alphanumeric characters. It has Zero Insertion/Removal Sockets for both the SIMM and SIP modules. If you have ever experienced the frustration of removing a SIMM module from a regular SIMM socket, you will be amazed at the ease of use of our unique SIMM socket. In the DEMO mode, SIMCHECK clearly explains its operation and numerous features. More information on SIMCHECK can be found in the SIMCHECK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file.

Upgrading Your SIMCHECK

A SIMCHECK unit can be readily upgraded to SIMCHECK PLUS by purchasing the 40-BIT PORT (p/n INN-8484). Earlier SIMCHECK models may require additional upgrading or hardware modifications. If your SIMCHECK unit is marked with a serial number under 011058 (domestic version) or under 012570 (export models), please ask for additional upgrade information when ordering.

Upgrading your SIMCHECK's EPROM is a simple procedure which involves removing a socketed chip from the lower processor board of your SIMCHECK main unit and installing the new EPROM chip in its place . New EPROM program chips are available for $29 and can be ordered by contacting our order desk.

The SIMCHECK manual may be downloaded (PDF file, 356k)

Optional Adapters

SIMCHECK's optional adapters allow SIMCHECK to test numerous memory devices, and they are listed in the old SIMCHECK adapters list.

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