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Why Test Computer Memory?

Which System I need?

Memory prices are highly volatile. But memory prices are just one part of the equation. You also need to consider the cost of your employee's time, the cost of waste, RMA fraud and the price of lost customer satisfaction.

Save Time

RAMCHECK LX DDR3 Testing memory on a motherboard can easily take hours. In just seconds RAMCHECK LX completes a diagnostic test of your memory module. If your techs are testing even a few modules each day, you can see how that wasted time quickly adds up!

Save Money

Motherboard conflicts can make it appear that the memory is at fault, while the memory may work fine in another machine. Don't throw away suspected modules or let them gather dust in your storeroom - test them!

Testing on a motherboard is very time-consuming. Worse, PC manufacturers use inexpensive memory sockets and these sockets are simply not designed for multiple insertion/removal cycles. Those PC memory sockets will break after a few uses and since the sockets are soldered directly to the main PC board this can result in very costly PC repairs! INNOVENTIONS products use rugged test sockets manufactured specifically for memory testing, rated for thousands of insertion/removal cycles.

INNOVENTIONS memory testers are also great for eliminating costly fraud at RMA departments by checking and identifying returns!

Improve Reliability

No need for us to point out that there's a lot of sub-par memory on the market. It may be cheap and have a "good" return policy, but wouldn't it be better to sell your customers a working module, rather than frustrating them with defective merchandise? RAMCHECK gives manufacturers, distributors and technicians "peace of mind." They know the memory they ship to their customers has been checked for quality and reliability. While our testers (as well as all other commercially available memory testers) cannot guarantee 100% test accuracy, your customers will appreciate the fact that the memory you use has been checked for quality.

Don't let RAMCHECK's small size deceive you!

RAMCHECK internal structture

Its powerful circuitry, high-frequency test engine and top-quality test sockets are features usually found in $20,000+ testers. Here's an example with the RAMCHECK DDR Tester with SDRAM support option.

1. Full 32-bit processor.
2. Back-lit display shows 4 lines of text, as well as charts and graphs.
3. Simple operation makes RAMCHECK easy to use.
4. RAMCHECK's test engine supports SDRAM and EDO/FPM modules.
5. High-quality 168-pin socket for testing SDRAM and EDO/FPM modules, rated for over 10,000 insertion/removal cycles.
6. State of the art FPGA test engine for DDR modules.
7. High-quality 184-pin socket for testing DDR modules.
8. Expansion ports for upgradeability.

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Memory tester firmware available

RAMCHECK DDR3 memory tester

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