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Basic Operational Questions

  1. Q. Can I change the intensity of the RAMCHECK's LCD display?
    A. Yes. The intensity is preset by the factory and should be suitable for most users. However, if you want to change the intensity from the factory preset there is an adjustment hole located on the bottom of the RAMCHECK enclosure under the ON/OFF Switch. Turn over the RAMCHECK and place a small screwdriver in the hole, carefully turning it back and forth until it catches in the slot. Turn the RAMCHECK back upright and turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to darken or clockwise to lighten to your preference.
  2. Q. Can I also adjust the backlight of the LCD Display?
    A. Yes, there are two settings, High and Low. The factory preset is set to Low which should provide enough backlight for most users. If you typically operate the RAMCHECK in low light settings or want the backlight turned off you can change this setting to High by changing the jumper position at JP6 on the RAMCHECK Processor Board or remove the jumper to turn it off. You must take apart the RAMCHECK enclosure to do this. For further instructions please see Appendix H in the extended version of the RAMCHECK manual located on the Software CD that came with your RAMCHECK. You can also view the online manual here.
  3. Q. Is there a way to mute the "beep" sound that the RAMCHECK generates during power on, while pressing any of the function keys and when a test phase is completed?
    A. Yes, press the "ESC" key a few times to make sure the unit is in standby mode, then press "F2" for "SETUP". Next press "F5" for "Next", then "F1" for "Config", then "F5" for "Next Menu", then "F5" for "Next Menu". Press "F3" once for "SOUND" to toggle it off. Next press the "ESC" key four times to save your change. You should see "SAVING TO EPROM" on the LCD display. The sound is now turned off for all functions of the RAMCHECK even if you turn the unit off then on again. To reactivate the sound, repeat the instructions above to toggle it back on.
  4. Q. I get a "STORED SETUP IS ON" message every time I turn on my RAMCHECK, what does this mean?
    A. This alerts you that the "SETUP" has been changed "by the user" from its factory default and will only be displayed when the unit is turned on. Any parameter in the "SETUP" menu that are changed will trigger this warning message except for enabling manual programming for the SPD.
  5. Q. When I get the "STORED SETUP IS ON" message upon powering up the RAMCHECK, is there a way to find out what has been changed?
    A. Yes, while in standby mode press "F2" for Setup then press "F3" for "LIST SETUP". A screen will appear that will list any changes that were made.
  6. Q. How can I reset the "SETUP" back to factory default?
    A. While the unit is in standby mode you simply press "F2" for "SETUP" then "F4" for "AUTO", the unit will then reset to its factory default. To confirm simply turn the unit off then on again to make sure the "STORED SETUP IS ON" message does not appear.
  7. Q. I get a "DEVICE TYPE WARNING" message every time I test certain modules, does this mean the memory is bad?
    A. This message indicates that the tester has detected a difference in the architecture of the module when compared to the JEDEC standard. It does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with your memory device. This message is meant to inform the user that the tested device may not be a drop-in replacement for modules that meet the JEDEC standard. Additional information will follow this message, giving specific details as to what differences the tester found.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at support@innoventions.com. Please remember to include your phone and fax numbers.

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