INNOVENTIONS Year 2000 ("Y2K") Compliance

The "Y2K" bug is a potential problem in some computerized products and software which record date information using only two digits to mark the year. During the transition from year 1999 to 2000, such two digits coding may cause various bugs as the year 2000 may be confused with the year 1900.

All currently active INNOVENTIONS products encode date information using 4 digits for the year data and thus are free from the Y2K bug. INNOVENTIONS has a comprehensive Y2K plan to insure that all existing and new designs continue to achieve Year 2000 Compliance. This plan has the endorsement of executive management.

For more information, please contact INNOVENTIONS Technical Support department at 281-879-6226 M-F 9:00-5:00, or send your E-mail to, or fax your message to 281/879-6415. Please remember to include your phone and fax numbers.

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