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SIMCHECK Application Note

SIMCHECK Relative Test Correlation Questions

This application note discusses the differences in results between the comparative tests of the SIMCHECK II (p/n INN-8558 --part of the SIMCHECK II PLUS, p/n INN-8558-PLUS ) and the older SIMCHECK PLUS (SIMCHECK & 40-BIT PORT, p/n INN-8448PLUS) test systems.

SIMCHECK II is vastly different in architecture when compared to SIMCHECK PLUS. The data bus used by SIMCHECK II to access memory devices is significantly wider, also, the cross section of memory used for both relative tests is larger than SIMCHECK PLUS, and it is accessed at a faster rate. Due to these and other differences between SIMCHECK PLUS and SIMCHECK II, there may be a difference in the value reported by each for the Relative test figures. These test results should be closer in value between two similar test systems (i.e. SIMCHECK to SIMCHECK), as opposed to different level systems (SIMCHECK PLUS to SIMCHECK II).

Also, an important note to remember is that these are out of specification tests that provide relative figures, and should be used for comparative purposes between modules on the same tester. Although there may be differences, we are currently working on improvements that will bring these values closer together.

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