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Revised 9-23-99

As PC133 is a new technology, a new version of the Sync DIMMCHECK 168 Adapter has been made for its support. The initial production version (PCB rev. C or lower) of the Sync DIMMCHECK 168 adapter can only support PC133 by having a major upgrade where the entire PCB is replaced. This procedure involves the transfering of the expensive 168-pin test socket, the adapter cover, and the mechanical hardware to a new rev. E of the PCB. The PCB version can be seen on the lower right section on the solder side of the Sync DIMMCHECK 168 Adapter.

The procedure below should be performed by individuals who have already purchased the Customer Upgrade Package, p/n INN-SD168-E-BRD.

NOTE: A factory upgrade is available for customers having adapters with PCB rev. D that does not include replacing the entire PCB. Those wishing to have this upgrade performed should contact the factory to receive further instructions.

Tools Needed

¼-inch Nut Driver or Pliers
Regular Flat-type Screwdriver


Refering to Figure 1, remove the 4/40 hex nuts (4 in total) located on the bottom of the Sync DIMMCHECK 168 using a flat-type screwdriver on one side and a ¼-inch nut driver on the side of the hex nuts. As each nut is removed, each of the 4/40 x ½ black oxide slot pan head screws should come out easily from the top of the adapter. Once the hardware has been removed, separate the Adapter Cover from the Sync DIMMCHECK 168 PCB.

Sync DIMMCHECK 168 Hardware

For easy removal, the 168-pin DIMM socket connects to the PCB via individual pin receptacles, which result in solderless socket replacement. With a short forward-and-back rocking motion, gently remove the 168-pin DIMM socket from the Sync DIMMCHECK PCB.

Attach the 168-pin DIMM socket to the new PCB received as part of this package. Be sure that the socket is oriented properly upon connection. The arrangement of the socket pins allow insertion in only one manner. Generally, it is easiest to insert the socket by aligning one side first, then the rest should align to the pin receptacles more smoothly.

Replace the adapter cover. Replace the hardware in accordance to Figure 1.

Be sure to upgrade the firmware of your SIMCHECK II / II se to the latest revision, as the new adapter may not work on your existing version.

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