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SIMCHECK II Advantages and Comparison

  1. Q. What are the main benefits of the SIMCHECK II PLUS family?
    A. Below is a growing list of benefits that the SIMCHECK II PLUS family offers.
    (a) Fully automatic and easy to use; has address-driving capability for 4Giga addresses per bank.
    (b) Full support for SDRAM/EDO/FPM, including support for PC133/100/66 memory.
    (c) Detailed test results like size, speed, type and structure are shown in a full graphics display.
    (d) Fast testing; a 64M SDRAM completes the Basic Test in 14 seconds.
    (e) Stand alone, yet can be connected to your PC for logging and printing reports (software and cable included).
    (f) Advance setup capabilities for advanced users.
    (g) Upgradeability via the Internet.
    (h) SPD support, including reading, editing, and programming.
    (i) Perform high-temperature tests with our patented Chip-Heat Mode
    (j) Power supply is included.

  2. Q. Can SIMCHECK II/II se PLUS test individual memory chips and other types of memory modules?
    A. Yes. We offer numerous optional adapters to meet your testing needs. Please refer to our adapter page for additional information on the items we offer. Also, for additional questions concerning the adapters themselves, please refer to our Adapter FAQ section.

  3. Q. Do I need to buy the SIMCHECK PC Communications software to connect SIMCHECK II to a PC?
    A. No. Every SIMCHECK II/II se PLUS memory tester comes with the software and the serial cable required to connect it to the PC. The SIMCHECK II, however, is primarily a stand alone unit and does not need to be connected to the PC for it to work.

  4. Q. Can the SIMCHECK II PLUS firmware be upgraded via the Internet? How often should I upgrade?
    A. Yes. In fact, when the original SIMCHECK II base tester was launched in 1995, we were one of the pioneering companies that provided Internet firmware upgrades. These upgrades insure that your firmware is always up to date to include the benefits of our on-going product software development, thereby enhancing your investment. We recommend that you upgrade the firmware every three months or when you receive firmware notifications.

  5. Q. How complicated is it to use SIMCHECK II?
    A. While SIMCHECK II can produce hundreds of different screens full of information (as you may have seen on this web site) and advanced setup options, we have the reputation of producing the most user-friendly machine in our industry. Most users, who care to know only if the device under test is good or bad, can perform the test with pressing only one button (F1). SIMCHECK II automatically detects the type of tested device and selects the optimal test settings. All test results are clearly displayed (or printed with your PC).

  6. Q. Can SIMCHECK II test parity, ECC, or parity emulation modules?
    A. Yes. SIMCHECK II automatically detects parity and ECC bits, and informs the user if parity emulation chips are used.

  7. Q. Who should use the advanced setup features of the SIMCHECK II PLUS?
    A. Many memory manufacturers are using the SIMCHECK II PLUS worldwide. While they are typically the ones to use the advanced setup features, there are also many advanced users that use the advanced setup for various applications. However, we have designed the advanced setup routine to be transparent to the regular user.

  8. Q. Does the SIMCHECK II include a built in demo mode?
    A. Yes. You can access the SIMCHECK II/II se demo mode by pressing F3 during Standby mode. It will quickly familiarize you with the test process and the tester's main features.

  9. Q. What are the advantages of SIMCHECK II PLUS over the competition?
    A. Since the SIMCHECK II PLUS is our most advance memory tester, we have put all the capabilities we could into it. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not have another more expensive tester that we need to artifiicially differenciate from the SIMCHECK II PLUS. Therefore, we believe that we were able to provide the best performance at our price level. In particular, the SIMCHECK II PLUS surpasses the competition in its ability to tests modules at true high-speed clock frequencies, and its ease of use. Its tests are comprehensive, and its modular structure is upgradeable and versatile.

  10. Q. Do you compare SIMCHECK II PLUS to other competing portable memory testers?
    A. The success of our older SIMCHECK PLUS, the original portable SIMM tester, enticed several new companies to try to imitate the features of our original design. We do not believe in bad mouthing the competition, therefore, we would like to show you the advantages of SIMCHECK II by simply comparing it to our older, standard setting SIMCHECK PLUS. Such a comparison will clearly highlight SIMCHECK II's unique features, so that you can easily do your own comparison between SIMCHECK II and the competition. Please click here to review our comparison.

  11. Q. Can you compare the performance of SIMCHECK II PLUS to the high-end memory testers used by some manufacturers to certify their modules?
    A. While the SIMCHECK II PLUS incorporates break-through features previously available only in the high-end memory test equipment industry, we cannot, of course, compare the SIMCHECK II PLUS with the high-end memory test systems which often cost above $500,000. Such high-end systems are tailor programmed for the specific modules they test, and they have the supreme accuracy required for full certification of the memory module. The SIMCHECK II PLUS is not offered as a certifying machine. And yet, many module manufacturers use the SIMCHECK II PLUS in the production floor.

Please contact our Tech Support department for pricing information concerning the available upgrade services for your test systems.

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