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About the SIMCHECK II/II se PLUS Memory Tester

  1. Q. What is the SIMCHECK II PLUS?
    A. It combines our third generation base tester SIMCHECK II and the powerful Sync DIMMCHECK 168 Adapter to provide a state-of-the-art solution for testing SDRAM and standard DRAM modules. It tests all popular 168-pin SDRAM/EDO/FPM DIMM modules as well as 72 and 30 pin SIMM modules. The built-in 133MHz test engine and the 1nS timing circuitry of the SIMCHECK II PLUS enable you to test today's PC-100 and the new generation of PC-133 SDRAM modules.

  2. Q. What is the SIMCHECK II se PLUS? What is the difference between this and the SIMCHECK II PLUS? What about the SIMCHECK II LT PLUS?
    A. The SIMCHECK II se PLUS is a lower cost version of the SIMCHECK II PLUS, which uses the SIMCHECK II se base tester and the Sync DIMMCHECK 168. It tests all popular 168-pin SDRAM/EDO/FPM DIMM modules as well as 72- pin SIMM modules. As both of these packages include the Sync DIMMCHECK 168, the main differences involve the two base testers. The SIMCHECK II se does not include a 30-pin test socket and some advance firmware features of the SIMCHECK II are disabled. Please visit the SIMCHECK II se features page for a detailed list of these differences. The SIMCHECK II LT PLUS includes all of the advanced features of SIMCHECK II PLUS, but without the 30-pin socket.

  3. Q. Can SIMCHECK II se PLUS test PC-133 SDRAM modules like the SIMCHECK II PLUS?
    A. The SIMCHECK II se PLUS does the same testing for PC-133/100 SDRAM as the SIMCHECK II PLUS. Most software limitations of the "SE" unit compared to the SIMCHECK II PLUS are in the advanced setup features for older EDO/FPM devices.

  4. Q. How can I get a quote on your test products?
    A. Please fill out our information request form, specify the product of interest and state that you would like a quote. We will respond to your request as promptly as possible.

  5. Q. What kind of tests are performed by the SIMCHECK II PLUS family of products?
    A. Please refer to our SIMCHECK II page for a description of the type of tests performed.

  6. Q. How can I get a replacement copy of the manual?
    A. The manual can be acquired in PDF format from our On-Line Manual section.

  7. Q. What warranty do you offer with the SIMCHECK II PLUS family?
    A. New SIMCHECK II PLUS products come with a 1-year warranty that covers internal defects of the equipment, but does not cover the external sockets, which are subject to wear and tear; the manual included with the equipment provides complete details concerning the warranty.

  8. Q. Can SIMCHECK II guarantee that my memory modules are 100% accurate?
    A. Unfortunately no. All memory testers, including those costing $500,000 and more, cannot achieve exhaustive tests (that is, 100% accuracy) due to the virtually unlimited possibilities of data combinations which may be stored inside a memory device. Therefore, while we continuously thrive to improve SIMCHECK II's test algorithms, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the test results.

  9. Q. What is the life expectancy of the sockets provided with the SIMCHECK II PLUS test equipment?
    A. The sockets are rated to about 10,000 insertion/removal cycles during their lifetime. Excessive tear and wear may decrease the life of the socket.

  10. Q. Can a SIMCHECK II se be upgraded to SIMCHECK II?
    A. The SIMCHECK II se is a lower cost version of the popular SIMCHECK II. It is equipped with the same fundamental electronics and abilities as the SIMCHECK II and uses the same Internet upgradeable firmware of the SIMCHECK II. To reduce its cost, we have eliminated some capabilities as shown in the SIMCHECK II se page. However, the SIMCHECK II se can be readily upgraded to the SIMCHECK II level at any time.

  11. Q. Is the SIMCHECK II/II se PLUS upgradeable for future memory devices?
    A. In line with our track record for the past 15 years, we are developing an upgrade path for the SIMCHECK II family to support future memory devices. In addition to the benefit for our customers, it is also our main interest, as we have a large installed user base.

  12. Q. Where is the product manufactured? What is INNOVENTIONS' expertise in memory testing?
    A. The SIMCHECK II PLUS is designed and manufactured by INNOVENTIONS, Inc. in Houston, Texas, USA. In 1987, INNOVENTIONS pioneered the field of portable memory testers with the introduction of the world's first stand alone DRAM chip tester, the classic RAMCHECK. Since then, we have developed several generations of advanced memory testers which were successfully distributed world wide.

  13. Q. Is the SIMCHECK II Y2K compliant?
    A. Yes. Please refer to our page on Y2K compliance for a detailed explanation.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at support@innoventions.com. Please remember to include your phone and fax numbers.

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