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The SRAM/P-SRAM MODULE TESTER (p/n INN-8844) is designed to be the main hub for testing a variety of SRAM and P-SRAM modules. The item is equipped with two test heads which are capable of supporting the JEDEC 64-pin SIMM/ZIP SRAM modules with sizes of 64K, 128K, and 256Kx32 and Apple Computer's POWER BOOK modules with sizes of 4M, 6M, 8M, and 12M. Future test heads are planned to support other SRAM and P-SRAM devices with wide bit configuration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Also included with this tester is a 74ACQ241 IC chip which should be used in place of U4 on the SIMCHECK display board. Follow the procedure in Section 5 on how to open your SIMCHECK unit. Locate the socketed chip marked U4 on the SIMCHECK display board (top), and with an IC extractor tool, remove the 74AC241 chip that is currently installed and replace it with the enclosed 74ACQ241.


CAUTION: Never connect or disconnect the SRAM/P-SRAM MODULE TESTER to SIMCHECK when SIMCHECK IS ON! Insert or remove modules only when the MODULE POWER RED LED is off.

Turn SIMCHECK OFF! Connect the SRAM/P-SRAM MODULE TESTER to your SIMCHECK "RAMCHECK II EXPANSION" slot using the supplied polarized 50-conductor cable. Install one of the supplied test heads on the SRAM/P-SRAM MODULE TESTER when SIMCHECK is OFF. Turn SIMCHECK ON. The standard Title/Version message appears and reaches the STANDBY screen, which prompts you to begin the POWER BOOK test or to insert an SRAM module. SIMCHECK automatically recognizes which test head is being used.

Once SIMCHECK is turned on with a test head installed, a module may be installed or removed freely. Insert the POWER BOOK module into the connector. Note that pin 1 is to be connected on the RIGHT side of the test head. You will also note the presence of a small tab that is located on the connector of the module for proper orientation when it is being inserted.

CAUTION: Tilting an inserted POWER BOOK module may break its fragile connector! Once installed firmly into the test head DO NOT move the module!

To initiate the BASIC test, simply press F1. The display will show the module's size and access time and will perform a complete test of the entire memory array using several test patterns. At the end of the test, SIMCHECK will prompt for either exiting the test, or continuing with the AUTO-LOOP. The test will terminate if no selection is made.

If using the SRAM MODULE connector with your SRAM/P-SRAM MODULE tester, you will be prompted with a different message instructing you to insert an SRAM module.

Press F1 to start the BASIC test. Like the POWER BOOK test, the display will show the module's size and access time.

Required EPROM Version: 2.36 or above.

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