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Fast, reliable memory testing for DDR4 Server and Desktop DIMMs

The RAMCHECK LX DDR4 DIMM Adapter (p/n INN-8686-18) supports testing of 288-pin DDR4 modules, including unbuffered (UDIMM), load-reduced (LR-DIMM) and registered modules (RDIMM), both ECC and non-ECC, that comply with JEDEC standards. It consists of the DDR4 Series adapter and 288-pin test socket board.

                        DDR4 DIMM test adapter

The DDR4 adapter plugs into the existing RAMCHECK LX base tester. This makes the DDR4 adapter by far the most cost-effective solution for testing modern high-speed DDR4 modules. In fact, its features are what you would expect to find in test equipment that costs thousands of dollars more.

NOTE: The DDR4 Series adapter will not work with the older RAMCHECK base tester p/n INN-8668. However, we do offer a low-cost factory conversion for RAMCHECK to RAMCHECK LX, so your investment in the older RAMCHECK is not obsolete.

                        DDR4 memory tester

Don't let the adapter's small size fool you! High speed operations require short connections, while the adapter is loaded with state-of-the-art electronic components.

No special setup is required. As with all of our products, the adapter is extraordinarily simple to use. Insert the adapter, turn the RAMCHECK LX tester on, place a module into the test socket, then press the start button.

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The DDR4 Development Challenge

                        for DDR4

In all our previous DDR3/2/1 adapters, we were able to use the YAMAICHI high volume sockets. Unfortunately YAMAICHI does not provide a similar high volume test socket for DDR4 for various reasons. This required us to develop a new approach for our DDR4 solution that uses an easily replaceable socket board with a production socket.

DDR4 288-PIN
                        Socket Board

The new DDR4 288-pin Socket Board p/n INN-8686-18-1 is included with every order of the DDR4 Series adapter. We have evaluated a large number of DDR4 production sockets and found the best that provides relatively long use. When the socket becomes worn out, the user can buy a low cost replacement (approximately $195) socket board. Alternatively, because of the use of press-fit technology, the user can return the socket board to the factory for socket replacement, at a reduced cost of approximately $79. Each Socket Board may be sent for factory socket replacement three times, before the board itself becomes worn out. Heavy users can buy 3-pack packages of three INN-8686-18-1 at a reduced cost. We plan to offer other similar DDR4 socket boards for SODIMM and MINI-DIMM modules.

DDR4 Series and the 288-PIN
                        Socket Board

High Volume DDR4 288-pin Socket Board

We have found new sources for DDR4 288-pin ZIF sockets, but their prices are four times higher than the YAMAICHI sockets we have used for our DDR3/2/1 adapters. As a result, we have chosen the approach of using the easily replaceable low-cost sockets as the default offering for our DDR4 Series adapter. However, to support our high-volume users, we are developing a High Volume DDR4 288-pin Socket Board (p/n INN-8686-18-8) that will be available in Q2 2018 and cost about $2000-$2250. The High Volume DDR4 288-pin Socket Board mates directly with the DDR4 Series adapter, using the same two connector as the low-cost replaceable socket board.

DDR4 Series Adapter

The RAMCHECK LX DDR4 Series adapter includes many new features which are relevant to the major differences between DDR4 technology and the older DDR3/2/1 technology.

DDR4 288-PIN
                        Socket Board

1. Main engine featuring our improved 1600MHz test engine.
2. High efficiency switching power regulator to generate the DDR4 VDD at digitally-controlled high resolution. Significantly higher current consumption is supported compared to our previous DDR3 adapter.
3. Advanced analog section for measuring the module's current, voltages and the board's temperature.
4. Digitally-controlled Vtt and Vref regulators.
5. 1333MHz-1600MHz DDR4 clock generator.
6. Auxiliary power supplies provide highly-efficient voltage sources for the engine and for VPP and VDDSPD.

As with all of our other RAMCHECK LX adapters, each module's size, structure, and type are automatically detected, without the need for user's setup. The test flow follows our standard Basic Test, Extensive Test, and Auto-Loop process. The RAMCHECK LX DDR4 Series adapter is very simple to operate, with little training required.

DDR4 Frequency Support

The RAMCHECK LX DDR4 Series adapter can perform DDR4 tests at actual test frequencies up to 1600MHz. All DDR4 Modules designed for higher frequencies (DDR4-3200, DDR4-2666, DDR4-2400, DDR4-2133 and DDR4-1866) can be functionally tested on the DDR4 Series adapter but at a reduced frequency.

DDR4 Series will be available soon

The new DDR4 SERIES is currently in advanced beta / pilot production stage. This product will be available for purchase in Q1 2018.

NOTE: This page discloses preliminary information that is subject to change.

DDR4 Series burn-in operation

Pilot production units are shown in extended burn-in testing.

DDR4 Series
                        adapter without socket board

This picture shows the DDR4 Series adapter without the test socket board. The connectors for the socket board are designed to last for 2000 cycles, allowing multiple replacement of socket boards.
We are developing additional test socket boards for the DDR4 series:

  • DDR4 260-pin SODIMM socket board, p/n INN-8686-18-2.
  • DDR4 288-pin MINI DIMM socket board, p/n INN-8686-18-3.

Note: The DDR4 Series adapter only works with the RAMCHECK LX. It does not work with our prior-generation RAMCHECK base tester. If you own the older RAMCHECK tester, please contact us for conversion or trade-in offers, or call INNOVENTIONS at 1 (281) 879-6226. When ordering, please reference part number INN-8686-18.

The new DDR4 SERIES is currently in advanced beta / pilot production stage. This product will be available for purchase in Q1 2018.

NOTE: This page discloses preliminary information that is subject to change.

RAMCHECK LX DDR2 memory tester now available

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