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RAMCHECK Application Note

RAMCHECK Multi-Burst Technology

--Revised 7-23-2008

This Application Note discusses the use of our proprietary Multi-Burst technology by RAMCHECK and RAMCHECK LX for high throughput testing.

What is the Multi-Burst Technology?

Multi-Burst is a proprietary technique incorporated into our DDR2 and DDR1 test engines. It enables a repeated stream of multiple data write and data read/compare memory accesses. It achieves an extremely high throughput of patterns test, thus increasing the reliability of the test. Please note that during Multi-Burst tests, the tester may change the clock frequency to optimize the test results, and insure that any detected error is a cell-related defect and not a timing fault.

The Benefits of Using Multi-Burst by RAMCHECK and RAMCHECK LX

Multi-Burst mode allows very fast testing of the memory array, as each memory transactions comprises 256 or more memory locations. Generally, Multi-Burst in DDR2 devices is able to completely test an entire memory rank in one third the time of the Block-Test used in Basic Test. As a result, the entire memory array is now covered by our significantly higher number of different patterns.

Identifying Multi-Burst Tests

As of this writing, the Multi-Burst technology is implemented in the test flow of DDR2 devices. It is currently used in Voltage Cycling, Chip Heat Mode, and in Auto-Loop. The test is identified by the orange "BURST" LED indicator. The Multi-Burst test is turned on and off within those test phases, as indicated by the LED. We plan to enhance more test phases of the RAMCHECK and RAMCHECK LX with advanced Multi-Burst tests.

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