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Q. How long does it take RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 to test a memory module?

A. It depends on the size and structure of the module, and which tests are performed.

Our proprietary test program is divided into sub tests: BASIC test, EXTENSIVE test, and AUTO-LOOP test. The BASIC Test is the first test performed by RAMCHECK and it is optimized to be performed in the least amount of time.

Sample test times with existing RAMCHECK firmware:

Size BASIC Test Time EXTENSIVE Test Time
4Mx64 (32MB SDRAM) 2.3 sec 53 sec
8Mx64 (64MB SDRAM) 3.4 sec 54.2 sec
16Mx64 (128MB SDRAM) 6.5 sec 1 min 21 sec
32Mx64 (256MB SDRAM) 17.5 sec 2 min 04 sec
32Mx64 (256MB DDR) 12.2 sec 1 min 16 sec
64Mx72 (512 MB DDR) 21.4 sec 1 min 25 sec
128Mx64 (1GB DDR) 38.0 sec 1 min 49 sec
256Mx72 (2GB DDR) 57.0 sec 2 min 15 sec
32Mx64 (256MB DDR2) 9.6 sec 2 min 10 sec
64Mx72 (512 MB DDR2) 15.2 sec 2 min 21 sec
128Mx64 (1GB DDR2) 30.4 sec 3 min 0 sec
256Mx72 (2GB DDR2) 56.0 sec 3 min 28 sec

The BASIC test is sufficient for most of your regular screening and verification tests, since each memory cell is tested several times. The BASIC test also provides complete structure and speed information and it manages to complete all the device wiring checks. However, the BASIC test may not detect intermittent and/or pattern sensitivity problems due to its short execution time.

The EXTENSIVE test may take several minutes as it performs quite a few test phases. You can easily customize the RAMCHECK test program to skip any EXTENSIVE test phase in accordance with your preference. The RAMCHECK manual includes details on what is accomplished at each test phase so that you can decide which test phases may be skipped in your customized test. Of course, skipping a test will shorten the overall test time.

The AUTO-LOOP is our burn-in test, and therefore will run until you abort it.

Sample test times for the RAMCHECK LX, our current tester, are also available.

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