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240-pin DDR2
200-pin DDR2 SO-DIMM adapter
200-pin DDR2 SO-DIMM converter
184-pin DDR Pro
200-pin DDR SO-DIMM converter
100-pin DDR SODIMM
66-pin DDR Chip

144-pin SO-DIMM
100-pin SO-DIMM
200-pin Sun DIMM
50-pin EDO TSOP
72-pin SODIMM
30/72-pin SIMM

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  1. Q. What is a FIRMWARE UPGRADE?
    A. The RAMCHECK FIRMWARE is the operating system and test program which resides on the FLASH EPROMs inside the unit. The RAMCHECK firmware is continuously improved by INNOVENTIONS to bring you a better test program and more test features. The firmware is posted on our web site and the process by which you upgrade your firmware via the Internet is called a FIRMWARE Upgrade.

  2. Q. How do I know which firmware is currently installed in my RAMCHECK?
    A. The RAMCHECK FIRMWARE version is shown in the LCD display during its boot up sequence every time you turn on your RAMCHECK. You can also see the version in the PRODUCT INFORMATION menu, which is reached by pressing F2 (Setup), F5 (Next), F3 (Product Info).

  3. Q. How do I upgrade RAMCHECK's firmware?
    A. Upgrading the RAMCHECK firmware is easy. You must have a computer with an open 9-Pin serial COM Port and have access to the Internet. For detailed instructions on how to update your RAMCHECK's firmware please review this application note.

    We recommend using the automated upgrade feature in the RAMCHECK PC Communication program. You can also manually download the firmware file as discussed below. More information is available in Section 6 of the manual, as well as on our firmware download page.

  4. Q. How often should I upgrade the RAMCHECK firmware?
    A. While we typically post a new version every 1-3 months, sometimes the new version contains only minor changes and improvements to the previous version. As a registered user, you will get an e-mail notification whenever an important firmware upgrade has become available. However, we recommend visiting our website every few months, including when you purchase an additional adapter. Firmware upgrades are free and enhance your investment in our products.

  5. Q. What are the benefits of the new program versions?
    A. Version changes may include support for new modules that may have not been supported previously or support for adapters that have recently been released. Please refer to the RAMCHECK Development Log for a detailed explanation of each version.

  6. Q. Are the RAMCHECK firmware revisions compatible with SIMCHECK II PLUS?
    A. No. RAMCHECK's firmware will not work with SIMCHECK II PLUS (and vice versa). If the SIMCHECK II PLUS is upgraded to RAMCHECK, the RAMCHECK firmware file will work normally.

  7. Q. If I regularly upgrade the RAMCHECK firmware, will my unit always support the new features available by the RAMCHECK program?
    A. Yes, unless new hardware changes have been introduced to the RAMCHECK circuitry. We offer a factory Calibration and Upgrade procedure which we recommend that you will perform every 12-18 months to insure that your unit meets current production specifications.

  8. Q. After manually downloading the rcf.zip file from the Downloads page of your web site, how do I send it to RAMCHECK?
    A. Make sure you have installed the RAMCHECK PC Communications software on your PC and that your RAMCHECK is connected via a standard 9-pin male to female serial cable (not a Null Cable) and is detected by using the "Find" function. If the software shows that your RAMCHECK is not detected please review this application note.

    To upload the firmware to your RAMCHECK you must first uncompress the rcf.zip file by using a standard file archive program such as WinZip or PKZip. Start the RAMCHECK PC Communications Software and select "FILE" then "OPEN" and select the directory where the .bin file was saved and select it. Next click on "Open", which will cause a window to pop up with the firmware displayed in it. Make sure your RAMCHECK is on with no adapters mounted and no memory inserted. Next make sure your RAMCHECK and your PC are connected by clicking on "RAMCHECK" at the top of the screen and select "Find RAMCHECK". If a pop up window displaying that the RAMCHECK is detected (including the firmware version and RAMCHECK serial number) then your connection is secure. Next click on "Ramcheck" at the top of the screen and select "Send Firmware to RAMCHECK." A pop up window will appear. Next click on the "Send Firmware" tab to start the upload. Once the upload is completed, press the ESC key on the RAMCHECK. Your RAMCHECK will reset with the new firmware version. In case the firmware upload fails the first time, repeat the upload by clicking on the "Re-Send" button in the pop up window. If after 3 or 4 times it still does not go through and the LCD display reads "EEPROM Crash, waiting on PC" then turn the RAMCHECK off then on again and try to re-send the firmware as before. As long as the RAMCHECK displays "waiting on PC" in its LCD display then the firmware upload process should be recoverable.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at support@innoventions.com. Please remember to include your phone and fax numbers.

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