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DDR 333MHz Actual Frequency Hardware Upgrade

THIS PAGE IS RELEVANT ONLY TO THE OLDER DDR 184-PIN ADAPTER, p/n INN-8668-6. The newer DDR PRO adapter achieves 466MHz and is discussed in the DDR PRO upgrade page.

When first introduced in early 2002, the RAMCHECK 184-pin DDR adapter reached 280MHz-300MHz clock operation. During 2002 we were gradually improving the operation to 300MHz using firmware improvements that our customers were able to download. Throughout 2002, we promoted our DDR adapter with a promise that an affordable hardware upgrade would be available to allow the adapter to reach 333MHz actual clock speed operation. In late November 2002 we were able to upgrade the maximum frequency beyond the 333MHz mark. Since then, we have further improved the hardware to achieve the best results.

If you have purchased your DDR adapter prior to November 2002, it should be factory upgraded to the new 333MHz level. For best results and to enjoy all the recent improvements, we now recommend that you upgrade all units purchased prior to March 2003. Unlike some competitors that may provide a new high speed adapter and make obsolete their "older" adapters, we have done our best to insure that all of our previously sold DDR adapters can be upgraded at a nominal fee to the new 333MHz level.

Overview of the 333MHz Upgrade Procedure

The 333MHz upgrade requires a hardware modification of your adapter, and may also require an upgrade for your RAMCHECK base tester. This is determined based on several variables in the RAMCHECK Product Information screen, which is described in detail in the RAMCHECK Calibration & Hardware Upgrade page. Please remember to contact us prior to shipment in order to obtain an RMA number as we cannot accept packages without valid RMA numbers.

Once in the factory, our technicians will upgrade the required components and install new components. The unit will go through a 24-hour burn-in process followed by the final Calibration process. This process involves the same final testing and calibration that we perform on every new production unit.

Determining the Need for the Upgrade

Please verify that you have the most recent (free) firmware upgrade in your RAMCHECK memory tester. In order to test at 333MHz, your RAMCHECK PLUS (with the DDR Adapter installed) should show the following values in the Product Information:

Variable Must be
PAL CODE "021301"
ADAPTER CODE "90_35" or "90_34" or "90_23" or "90_33"

The first code in each of the table's first two rows is the more recent value in our production. Current production units use PAL Code="021301" and Adapter Code="90_35" or "90_34". However, if your Adapter Code is "90_23" or "90_33", your adapter will be still able to run at 333MHz with most 333MHz modules. An upgrade from this level can be delayed to the next periodic calibration and upgrade process of your entire RAMCHECK PLUS system. If your Adapter Code is "90_01" , your unit CANNOT support operation at actual frequency of 333MHz and must be upgraded. You will see the following screen:

Adapter Code "90_12" and PAL Code "021201" will support most 333MHz modules but we strongly recommend that you upgrade. You will see the following screen:

Upgrade Recommended

Many more examples appear in the RAMCHECK Calibration & Hardware Upgrade Page.

Using the above information, our Tech Support department can determine if you need to upgrade your RAMCHECK, RAMCHECK and the DDR adapter, or just the DDR adapter, and determine the fixed cost of the service.

NOTE: All new RAMCHECK firmware versions automatically identify the capabilities of your hardware. If the unit cannot support actual 333MHz clock speed, the unit will still identify the module as 333MHz but test it at a lower speed.

Ordering the Upgrade Procedure

Please contact our Tech Support department for pricing and to schedule this service. The service part number for ordering is INN-8668-6-U1.

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