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INNOVENTIONS is the leader in computer memory test equipment.

The RAMCHECK LX memory tester offers you an affordable way to quickly and reliably test and identify all popular laptop and desktop computer memory, including DDR3, DDR2, PC466/433/400 DDR and 168-pin SDRAM. With its optional adapters, you can also test DDR3 LRDIMM, 204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM and 200-pin laptop SODIMM, DDR chips, Sun Microsystems memory, even old SIMMs, EDO and FPM modules.
RAMCHECK LX DDR3 tester RAMCHECK is expandable, allowing you to test:
SDRAM tester 168-pin SDRAM
DIMM tester SO-DIMMs*
SIMM tester SIMMs*
*With optional adapters.
To test a module, identify it and do a speed verification, simply turn on the RAMCHECK LX memory tester, insert the memory module into the test socket, then press the Start button. Since there are no complex setups to master, the RAMCHECK LX memory tester can be used "out of the box." Of course, you can also customize the test parameters if you have more advanced testing needs.

The RAMCHECK tester relies on a powerful high-frequency test engine. With its proven test algorithms and modular, expandable design, RAMCHECK delivers superior memory testing at an affordable price.

The RAMCHECK memory tester is also simple to upgrade, with free firmware upgrades available via the Internet. A PC software program is also included, allowing you to print/log the test results and edit SPD data.

RAMCHECK LX features a bright, vivid display easily visible from any angle, plus a fast USB connection.

The RAMCHECK LX DDR3 can test and identify a 1GB DDR3 DIMM in less than 30 seconds. RAMCHECK LX is simple to use. It features a bright, vivid display easily visible from any angle, plus a fast USB connection to your PC for printing test results.

RAMCHECK LX works with all current RAMCHECK adapters and is available in different packages that best fit your testing needs.

Memory tester firmware available

RAMCHECK DDR3 memory tester

RAMCHECK Users: Convert your existing RAMCHECK memory tester to the RAMCHECK LX and save more than 55% off the price of a new unit!

DDR3 SO-DIMM test adapter is now available. This adapter utilizes a rugged socket to test 204-pin DDR3 laptop memory.

Trade in your old obsolete memory tester and receive a substantial trade-in discount off the retail price of a RAMCHECK LX DDR3 or RAMCHECK LX DDR3/DDR2 memory tester.

Click here for RAMCHECK LX spec sheet. (PDF file)

Download the latest edition of our company newsletter. INNOVENTIONS Update is filled with tips and information you can use to make the best use of your RAMCHECK memory tester.

A converter for testing 244-pin mini-DIMM modules is now available for the RAMCHECK.

An independent review of the RAMCHECK memory tester is available from PCStats.

RAMCHECK LX DDR3 is featured in Electronic Products.

INNOVENTIONS has contributed a new article about memory test trends for the BestTest Newsletter.

RAMCHECK LX DDR2 memory tester now available

Why You Need a Memory Tester

If you are using a motherboard to test memory you know that it can take hours. Conflicts between the memory and the motherboard can make it appear that the memory is faulty, yet the memory may work just fine in another computer. Worse, the memory sockets on PC motherboards are not meant for repeated insertion/removal of modules and will quickly break! The RAMCHECK LX memory tester will test and identify your memory module in just seconds. It uses rugged sockets made specifically for testing that will last for thousands of cycles. You won't have to wade through a lengthy set-up process.

Why You Should Buy the RAMCHECK Memory Tester

A high-quality memory tester is an important investment that will pay big dividends in time and cost savings. When you purchase RAMCHECK LX, you're in great company! For more than 20 years, thousands of companies, schools and government agencies around the world have relied upon our memory testers, including most Fortune 500 companies. Learn more about why RAMCHECK is your best choice for memory testing.

Special Promotions
What's New
Save 50% on refurbished memory tester
Factory-refurbished RAMCHECK DDR2 and RAMCHECK DDR memory testers are now available at a fraction of the cost of a new tester.
The RAMCHECK DDR3 manual addendum is now available.

Trade in your SIMCHECK II memory tester for the RAMCHECK LX
If you are one of our many loyal SIMCHECK II users, we offer a substantial trade-in discount for the RAMCHECK LX memory tester packages.
RAMCHECK adapters. For DDR, SIMMs, SODIMMs, more!
Many optional test adapters are available for the RAMCHECK LX for a wide range of memory formats, including DDR3, DDR2 and DDR1 SODIMM laptop memory modules, LO-DIMM, 144p SO-DIMM, Sun memory, 30 and 72-pin SIMMs, laser printer SO-DIMMs, DDR chips and much more.

(July 2016) Download and install the new PC Communication program for your RAMCHECK or RAMCHECK LX.
RAMCHECK LX now supports the temperature sensor on DDR3 memory devices.
The RAMCHECK LX tester is a powerful memory diagnostic tool that is perfect for repairing memory. Find out how to use RAMCHECK to repair computer memory.
EETimes has named the RAMCHECK DDR Pro memory tester their Product of the Week.
RAMCHECK LX DDR3 now supports LRDIMM testing

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